School Profile Statement

Ballarat High School has a tradition of pursuing and recognising excellence under the motto of ‘Duty Always’. Our ethos is supported by the core values of Pride, Respect & Responsibility.
Ballarat High School is a 7- 12 educational community with a strong focus on middle years from 7-9 and later years pathways from 10-12. We have conducted significant research which tells us how students feel about school is in a large measure determined by relationships with teachers. This has led to the development of learning teams in Year 7 & 8. These teams are run by 5 Team Leaders who are directly responsible for 100 students in their team. Teachers within this structure also have longer blocks of time with students and include personal learning and Information Technology as part of their core curriculum. Students also undertake Japanese or German and a range of Technology and Arts electives including our award winning classroom music program. In Year 9 students undertake the Year 9 ARCH program which is focused on building Active, Resilient, Connected and Happy students and allows students to actively display leadership. The School has sister schools in Germany and Japan and exchanges of students take place each year. In Years 10, 11 and 12, a wide choice of elective subjects are offered each semester. English is compulsory at all year levels while Maths is compulsory until the completion of Year 10. Students receive individual guidance in selecting their subjects for Years 9 to 12. The School has the resources to offer a wide choice of subjects in VCE, including Vocational Education and Training, Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and Enhancement Studies. Year 10 students are able to access VCE subjects. Reports are issued 4 times each year; mid-semester and at end of semester. Parent Teacher interviews are held regularly.
Since 1996, the School has been a Specialist Sport School. In addition, the School is a participating member of the Ballarat Associated Schools (independent) and this provides opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of after school and weekend sporting opportunities. The outstanding quality of the program has led to high level recognition for the School and individual students through regional and state sporting awards. The School offers Instrumental Music, both as a classroom and extra-curricular activity, and there are Year 7, Year 8, Intermediate, Senior and two Stage Bands. The school has a strong debating program, competing at regional and state levels.
The care of students to support high learning outcomes is our priority. Team Leaders and teachers take a personal interest in the progress of their students. The Student Services Faculty consists of the Student Welfare Co-ordinator, the Chaplain, First Aid Assistants, Managed Individual Pathways and Careers personnel. Students are made aware of the School’s ethos and values upon commencement and these guide the whole school community.

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the support of the School’s development and their child’s learning. This is facilitated through contact with Core Teachers, Co-ordinators and Assistant Principals. The School Council, Curriculum Committee, Chaplaincy, Ballarat High School Parent Support Group, Boat Club and Music Support Group are all opportunities for parent participation and input into the School.