Enrolment Information

Thank you for considering Ballarat High School

The following information will assist you in determining whether your child is eligible to be enrolled at Ballarat High School.
Ballarat High School (BHS) is bound by the Placement policy, as outlined in the DET School Policy & Advisory Guide.

For families seeking enrolment into BHS the following relevant guiding principles underpin the policy and therefore, BHS’s enrolment processes and requirements:

  • To provide each child with the right to a place in a designated neighbourhood school
  • Wherever practical, to provide parents/guardians with the opportunity to enrol their child in the same school as that being attended by an older brother or sister who resides permanently at the same address
  • To contain enrolments in each school within the limits of available resources as determined by the Regional Director

Enrolment Criteria

Where an enrolment is being considered the following criteria and notes apply:

  • The family must live within BHS neighbourhood area,
  • Parents/guardians considering Ballarat High School for enrolment of their child must consider the following points:
  • Applications to transfer from neighbouring schools on residential criteria must be supported by the school from which the student wishes to transfer.
  • Guardian/s must be listed (or legally traceable from) the title or lease documents associated with the Applicant's permanent residential address. In the case of rental properties, it is usually expected by the school that the property is leased through a Registered Estate Agent and the term of rental agreement must be for a period of at least twelve months
  • Supporting documentation in relation to the applicant's permanent residential address must be established before BHS will consider further an application for enrolment. The Applicant’s family will be required to present documentation that evidences that they reside at a property within the Neighbourhood Area such as utility bills, removalist records and connection of services notices.
  • If Ballarat High School is unable to offer a place in the appropriate year level (and no other options are agreed within BHS and after consultation with the Regional Office) BHS may assist the family in enrolling into another neighbourhood school where the student will complete his/her secondary education.
  • Parents/guardians of enrolled students at BHS must maintain accurate records in relation to the student, family and residency details. BHS must be immediately notified if details change while a student is enrolled at BHS.

* Residing with a relative or friend is not usually considered as acceptable grounds to meet the neighbourhood residency requirement. For a person or persons to be considered as a child's guardian, relevant legal papers providing evidence of the guardianship relationship must be supplied to support the application.

* The applicant’s permanent residential address is considered to be the property at which the applicant resides with his or her parent/s or guardian/s. Documentation evidencing this arrangement will be required as part of the enrolment process.

Permanent residency in the Neighbourhood Area

Ballarat High School has the expectation that the family will remain permanent residents within the Neighbourhood Area for the duration of their child's/children's education at Ballarat High School.

Further Information

Parents are requested to fill in the appropriate enrolment request form and forward the form to the General Office.

PLEASE NOTE:  A copy of the student's most recent school report and evidence of residential address must be submitted with the enrolment request form.

The Principal or Assistant Principal will make contact with you and arrange a mutually suitable time to discuss the possible enrolment at Ballarat High School.

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