Digital Technologies - Acceptable Usage Policy

Ballarat High School is a community of learners who value Pride, Respect and Responsibility. We have a shared learning framework which places the learner at the centre. We are committed to educating the learner for the 21st Century and to developing strategies to personalise learning for all members of our school community.


To effectively make the best possible use of technology and to achieve the best possible learning outcomes, the School has decided to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program starting from 2015. In conjunction with the move towards the use of personal mobile devices, the students will be increasing participation in a variety of e-Learning platforms such as Google Apps or Moodle. Students will have access to online storage, email and a range of productivity applications together with a range of integrated collaborative features for interaction with other students and teachers.


With the increasing use of online services by students both within school and as a routine part of their social activities, the School believes it is most important that students develop a strong sense of digital citizenship. Thus the School will be seeking accreditation as an eSmart School and further developing our cyber safety programs and the professional knowledge of our staff in this key area.

Student Acceptable Usage Agreement

The Acceptable Usage Agreement has the expectation that students will responsibly use digital devices in a respectful manner that protects the rights of others, as well as using the device in such a manner to protect their own privacy. Students are encouraged to report cyberbullying incidents to a responsible adult, whether directed towards themselves or other students. A copy of the AUP will be sent home for consideration by parents and should be signed by both parent and their child and returned to the School. 

You can download a copy of the form here:  Student Acceptable Usage Agreement