BYOD and iPad Program

In 2016 we expanded our BYOD program to all year levels, with iPad devices in years 7 - 9 and laptops from 10 - 12. We were very pleased to see the majority of our students walk in at the beginning of the school year with a BYOD device. We would like to acknowledge the commitment from parents in supporting the school to create a modern and competitive learning environment. Now that we have the devices in the hands of students we are committed to using them to support the teaching and learning program.

We will continue to emphasise the need to have insurance and strong protective cases/covers.  A selection of suitable devices are available via a purchasing portal. Simply go to the Ballarat High School Website, look for the BYOD/iPad device tab at the top of the page and follow the links.

We will also continue to promote the value of parents and families in ensuring the online safety and wellbeing of their children. The school runs a number of cyber-safety initiatives at various year levels, these are more effective when they are reinforced with support and guidance from home. For advice go to and click on the ‘eSafety Information’ tab.

If students, parents or carers have any further questions please feel free to contact the school on 53389000

 Regards, Jack Marshall

ICT Coordinator


BYOD Information Pack 2017


Years 7, 8 and 9 iPad Program

The iPad program runs from year 7 to year 9 which matches with the reliable lifespan of the devices. iPads are ideal at this level as the provide a high level of consistency and interactivity. iPads can now be purchased as part of the school book list from Office Max or an external supplier if you prefer. Be sure to consider additional insurance, various levels of screen breakage is our most common problem. 

Set Up My iPad for school


Years 10, 11 and 12 BYOD 

In general students at this level will increasingly need to engage in the production of extended documents requiring a full keyboard. They will also be expected to engage in more sophisticated manipulation processing and transferring of data. They may need to connect a mouse, USB key or other peripherals from time to time. The School will be supporting both MAC and PC / Windows based devices. If the student already has a suitable device they may use it. A long battery life will be a very important consideration.

Students may continue to use an iPad if it is in good condition and they find it suitable for their course, although a keyboard is recommended. Some students continue to find the iPad a convenient device right through to year 12 depending on their mix of classes.

There are some courses where the limitations of an ipad will be significant disadvantage particularly ant years 11 and 12 - for example in areas such as media, digital arts, photography and Visual Communication, the iPads are unable to support the Adobe Suite which is industry standard in these fields and provided by the school for free.

 10-12 Purchasing Portal